ADRA COVID-19: Take a Shot Project

TAS Project


Amidst Ghana’s nationwide COVID-19 vaccination campaign, which saw commendable progress in administering doses to millions of people, the Take a Shot (TAS) Project emerged as a vital force in 2022 to address the challenges posed by the pandemic. With a resolute commitment to improving vaccine access and combating vaccine hesitancy, the TAS Project became integral to safeguarding communities.

  Through strategic partnerships, efficient resource management, and unwavering dedication, the project mobilized 18,915 individuals for vaccination and conducted outreach sessions to ensure widespread coverage. Moreover, by extending educational campaigns beyond the Adventist community and dispelling misinformation, the TAS Project played a crucial role in enhancing public awareness of COVID-19 safety protocols and vaccines. Alongside equipping healthcare facilities, the project’s comprehensive approach fortified prevention and control efforts in the face of evolving variants and constrained health systems.

The TAS Project in 2022 had three (3) core objectives: 
(a) improving access to COVID-19 vaccines;
 (b) increasing knowledge about COVID-19 protection protocols and vaccines; and
 (c) increasing access to COVID-19-related equipment for five (5) Ghana Adventist Health Service (GAHS) and Ghana Health Service (GHS)-facilities. Overall, the project aimed to mobilize 6,300 individuals for COVID-19 vaccination, specifically focusing on underserved and vulnerable populations.


Mobilization of 18,915 (300%) individuals for COVID-19 vaccination during the year under review
Conduction of 189 vaccination sessions, ultimately expanding the program’s reach
Raising awareness by training 48 social and behavioral change team members
Education of 18,915 individuals about COVID-19 safety protocols and the importance of immunization

Field Story

My name is William Asare, a 50-year-old driver at ADRA Ghana. The community durbar held on June 28, 2022 at Tetegu in the Weija-Gbawe Municipality of the Greater Accra Region was a turning point in my life. I had been skeptical about getting the COVID-19 vaccine since the pandemic outbreak. Despite having an underlying health condition, I had allowed myself to fall prey to myths and misinformation surrounding the vaccines, turning down numerous opportunities to get vaccinated. However, I attentively listened to the speakers and their various presentations during the durbar. Something within me shifted, and I willingly offered to receive the vaccine. The testimonies of fellow participants and the doctors’ enlightening sensitization made me realize the efficacy and safety of the vaccines.
I decided to protect myself by taking the shot, finally shedding my doubts and fears. I had been concerned about the efficacy and safety of the vaccines due to the dreadful things people had been saying. But after listening to the doctors’ enlightening session and hearing the inspiring testimonies from other participants, I felt a renewed sense of trust. I chose to take the vaccine to prioritize my well-being. The experience made me realize that many individuals like me within our communities have been influenced by misinformation. However, with continuous education and accurate information, I believe more people will accept the vaccines and make informed decisions about their health
William Asare
50 years
Driver, ADRA Ghana